Here are answers to some of the most common

Can I send MyBioCheck® report cards securely to my screening participants?
Yes you can.  An email address can be collected as part of the participants demographic (new in version 2.7).  Upon completion of the screening, an email invite is sent to the screening participant that contains a secure link for creating their MyBioCheck® WebApp user account. From any Internet browser, the participant can access their screening data and report cards at any time.

Can I import multiple screening participants into MyBioCheck® pre-event?
As an alternative to creating a new screening participant during a screening event, screeners/resellers can provide a spreadsheet to TRALE to import and pre-populate screening participants into MyBioCheck®.  TRALE simply imports the data into your secure cloud and into the specified MyBioCheck® profile (company).  The next time that MyBioCheck® (iPad) has an Internet connection, the imported participant data will automatically show up on all iPads.  This secure sync should occur before a planned screening event that doesn’t have an Internet connection.

Screeners will only need to search for the participant in MyBioCheck® and enter their screening biometrics during the screening event to produce a report card.

Can I send MyBioCheck® screening results to the participants Primary Care Physician?
Yes, MyBioFax™ is a new feature that allows a physicians report to be faxed to the screening participants PCP.

Are older iPads compatible with MyBioCheck®?
MyBiocheck® is iOS 7 ready and will also work with any iPad that is capable of running iOS 7 – including the iPad Mini.  This does exclude the 1st generation iPad, as it is not capable of running iOS 6 or 7.

Do I need more than one iPad?
MyBioCheck® can support just one or several iPads at the same screening event. Once participants have been screened,  the screener can quickly enter the values into the iPad and instantly produce a personal report card.

Please note that an Internet connection is not required to operate MyBioCheck® in this capacity.

How do I print the report cards while onsite?
MyBioCheck® is AirPrint-enabled and can print to a printer that supports AirPrint—and you don’t need to install a driver or configure the printer queue. Tap print, select your printer that supports AirPrint, and print. It’s that simple. The AirPrint printer must be connected to the same network as your iPad. There are several portable printers on the market today that support AirPrint. Mobile WiFi hotspots are also provided with most smartphones or wireless providers.  Please see Apple’s AirPrint 101 for a current list of printers that support AirPrint.

**HP ePrinters (models that support AirPrint) can also be setup in “adhoc” wireless mode, allowing you to print to them from your iPad through a wireless connection but without a wireless access point (router or hotspot).  If a mobile WiFi hotspot or wireless network aren’t available, this option will still provide an onsite wireless printing solution that can support multiple iPads.

If I am using multiple iPads, can they be synced?
MyBioCheck® can be installed on multiple iPads, which can then be used at a single screening or several screening events, across multiple locations.  MyBioCheck® will sync data securely in real-time across multiple iPads if an Internet connection is available.  If a connection is not present, MyBioCheck® will simply keep track of what hasn’t been synced and as soon as a connection is available, sync the data.   Synced data is also used to generate aggregated report cards that can be presented to the company in a single PDF.

Can I incorporate my company’s brand into MyBioCheck™?
As with previous TRALE wellness products, company-specific logos and color palettes can quickly and easily be incorporated into MyBioCheck®, including placement on the application’s user interface, the individual’s personal health report cards and the executive aggregate reports.

Can I add custom questions to the assessment?
MyBioCheck® allows for the addition of several custom questions, all of which can be included in subsequent analysis and reporting.

Is MyBioCheck® available in languages other than English?
A full-featured Spanish version of MyBioCheck® is available. In addition, MyBioCheck® can accommodate metric values, and it can be easily configured to accept and display weight in either American (pounds) or metric (kilograms) units.

Blood concentrations can also be configured to display by molecular count (millimoles per liter, or mmol/L) or weight (milligrams per deciliter, or mg/dL).

How secure is MyBioCheck®?
MyBioCheck® requires a  strong username and password for access to the app and collected health information.  Any demographic and biometric data collected with MyBioCheck® is not only encrypted locally, but also encrypted in transit to and from TRALE’s secure Cloud.  All protected health information is encrypted within TRALE’s secure cloud as well.  TRALE uses a 3rd party HITECH/HIPAA compliance partner that routinely audits TRALE’s processes and procedures.   TRALE has secured the appropriate encryption export licensing from the Department of Commerce that allows MyBioCheck® to be used outside of the US.  If you have more questions in regards to MyBioCheck®’s security features, please contact us.