Flexibility at the group level.

Accommodating your client companies or group’s specific requests.

Profiles allow screenings to be grouped logically. You can place all screened individuals for a company or group into just one profile. You can also create multiple profiles to represent departments or locations for the same company as well. It all depends on how you wish to represent the screening data within the aggregate report card. If you placed all of location (x) into it’s own profile, you could filter by location (x) when generating your aggregate report card.

Custom profile logos can be added and will be displayed on the personal report cards.  The logo can be selected directly from iPad’s image library and scaled to suit.

Custom profile questions can be added for each individual profile. Any question that you add will only appear for the profile that you are entering screening data for. Profile (x) may have different custom questions than profile (y). Custom questions can be type yes/no, multiple choice, or typed response and can be re-arranged without having to delete and re-create them. Custom questions will display number and percentage response data on the aggregate report card.

Units of measurement can accommodate both metric and standard values, and it can be easily configured to accept and display weight in either American (pounds) or metric (kilograms) units.  Blood concentrations can also be configured to display by molecular count (millimoles per liter, or mmol/L) or weight (milligrams per deciliter, or mg/dL).