For on-site coaching, in real-time, immediately after entering actual biometrics.

Simply tapping on one of the graphs on a live report card will activate the HealthSlider  for that section.

Making any changes with HealthSliders will automatically stamp the report card as ‘temporary’ and adjust corresponding grades and grade points in real-time.  Show what an increase in HDL will do to overall health in just a few seconds.  For smokers,  immediately show the huge improvement of not smoking.

HealthSliders for:

  • Blood Pressure (including yes/no for smoking)
  • Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Trig, (including yes/no for smoking)
  • Blood Sugar (Glucose or HbA1c)
  • Weight (BMI, waist measurement, body fat %)
  • Bone Density

You can select ‘reset all‘ from each HealthSlider in order to return to the actual collected biometric.

Viewing Report Cards Online.

From any Internet browser, the participant can access their screening data and report cards at any time.  An email address can be collected as part of the participants demographic.  Upon completion of the screening, an email invite is sent to the screening participant that contains a secure link for creating their own MyBioCheck  user account.  The MyBioCheck WebApp supports IE9 and 10, along with the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Printing Report Cards.

Along with printing the actual report card, you can also print a temporary report card for reference or setting goals. Please see Apple’s AirPrint 101 for a current list of printers that support iOS devises and AirPrint.