Fax a physicians report immediately after the screening – directly from MyBioCheck!

MyBioFax is a new feature in MyBioCheck that allows a physicians report to be sent to an individual’s primary care physician (PCP) after a completed MyBioCheck screening.  The physicians report is sent via fax.

All that is required (pre-screening) is a list of primary care physicians and fax numbers that can be imported into MyBioCheck.  Risk criteria can be set so that any screened individuals that meet that criteria will have their screening results faxed to their PCP.

During an actual screening, a custom question will prompt for the screening participants PCP, and can be selected from a multiple choice list directly on the iPad.

That is all that’s required.  The rest happens behind the scenes within TRALE’s secure cloud.

MyBioFax also allows for custom fax cover sheets and cover letters to coincide with the physicians report.