• Dynamic Personal Report Cards based on collected biometrics (Cholesterol, LDL, HDL, Triglycerides, Blood Pressure, Height, Weight, BMI, Body Fat %, Waist, Glucose, HbA1c, Bone Density).
  • Dynamic Aggregate Report Cards which can span one or several company/dept/location/etc… profiles.
  • Validated/unique and easy to understand scoring methodology – grades and grade points.
  • Time X and Time Y Personal Report Cards and Aggregate Report Cards (with options for Time1/Time2/Time3 Aggregate comparisons with only same individuals or everyone).
  • Unlimited number of custom questions can be added, multiple choice, yes/no, typed response, etc…
  • Custom colors and logos for all of the reports.
  • MyBioCheck® WebApp – Screening participants can now securely access any completed screening report card from any Internet browser.
  • HealthSlidersTM that allow real-time manipulation of Report Card data for educational purposes.
  • Printing of reports from MyBioCheck® to wireless AirPrint supported printers.
  • Can be used on one iPad or several with synced screening data between all iPads.
  • Real-time secure sync with TRALE’s secure cloud.
  • All collected data is encrypted at rest on the iPad and in the Cloud with military grade encryption.
  • All protected health information is encrypted while in transit to and from the Cloud and other iPads with military grade encryption.
  • MyBioCheck® requires a strong username and password combo to gain access to PHI along with timeouts for logout to protect PHI.
  • Screenings can be deleted along with full add/change/remove data management features for screening participants and profiles.
  • MyBioFax® is a new feature in MyBioCheck® that allows a physicians report to be sent to an individual’s primary care physician (PCP) after a completed MyBioCHeck® screening.  The physicians report is sent via fax.

New with v2.16.0d2

  • iOS 11 compatibility.

New with v2.9.0

  • iOS 7 UI fixes.
  • Data validations for screening data input (min and max values, max fractional digits).
  • Hide grade boxes option on report card.
  • Allow custom question answer options to be re-ordered.

New with v2.8.0

  • Improved app responsiveness when syncing a large number of profiles.

New with v2.7.0

  • Screening participants can now view their screening report cards online, securely, from any Internet browser.
  • Launch of the MyBioCheck® WebApp for screening participants so screening information can be accessed at anytime post screening event.
  • An email address can now be collected as part of the screening participant’s demographic.  An email invite containing a secure link is sent to the screening participant upon completion of a screening that allows for the creation of a user account.  The secure link can only be used once to create a user account and expires if not used within a set period of time – meeting strict HIPAA and HITECH guidelines.

New with v2.6.0

  • Added bone density as a trackable measurement with additional dynamic report card content.
  • Added screening notes that can be recorded as part of each screening.
  • Swipe to delete screening participants in search mode.
  • Display BMI in the report card by height and weight, even if BF% is used.
  • Choose any previous screening to compare with the current screening report card.
  • Select to use either TRALE’s Real-time Secure Sync Cloud or specify a client hosted secure cloud (for countries outside of the US that don’t wish to store screening data on US hosted servers).

New with v2.5.0

  • Major upgrade to uploading and downloading profiles/screenings.  Now much more user friendly and faster.
  • Failed uploads and downloads will be resumed automatically
  • New features to prevent screenee and screening duplication in the cloud and on the iPad.
  • Optimizations for handling large profiles locally (faster loading, searching, etc.)
  • Height & weight can be shown in report card (on/off)
  • Refined body fat % scoring table
  • Show screening counts in profile management view
  • Various minor bug fixes

New with v2.4.0

  • Custom screening consent forms with digital signature entry.  Now you can obtain consent as part of the screening.
  • Report card text customizations by profile based on criteria that you can set.
  • More detailed data access logs for auditing.  Required by HIPAA.
  • Metabolic Syndrome markers in report card.
  • Editable screening date on report card.  In case you data enter screening data post event, you can specify the actual screening date, instead of using the date that the screening data was entered.

New with v2.3.0

  • Spanish personal report cards.
  • Easily switch between English and Spanish while viewing a report card.
  • Improved profile management view from landscape to portrait view orientation.
  • Various minor bug fixes.

New with v2.2.0

  • Added optional grade icons (emoticons for grades) to represent letter grades and GPAs.
  • Upgraded graphics to new retina iPad.
  • Increased speed of report rendering and adjusting.
  • Added optional TC/HDL ratio display on report card.

New with v2.1.0

  • Body fat % values can be recorded in place of BMI calculations.
  • HealthSlidersTM can be set to specific values instead of using the sliders.
  • Grades can be hidden on the screenee (screening participants) view page for better privacy for on-site venues.
  • Screenees (screening participants) can be moved between profiles.
  • Cloning of profiles, which allows for easy creation of new profiles that may use the same custom added questions without having to re-add those custom questions.
  • Various minor bug fixes.

New with v2.0.0

  • Now easily import screening participants pre-event (nice for larger groups) so screeners don’t have to create a new participant as part of the actual screening.
  • Added HbA1c or Glucose for diabetes risk.
  • Re-arrange the order of custom questions without having to delete and re-add them.
  • Now add custom questions with typed responses, in addition to existing multiple choice and yes/no types.