Have a large screening event that requires more than one screening station?

Secure Sync

We designed MyBioCheck® so that it can be installed on several iPads that will work together to automatically sync collected biometric data in real-time between iPads and with your Secure Cloud.

What if an Internet connection is not available? No problem, MyBiocheck® will keep track of the screenings that have not been synced. As soon as an Internet connection is detected by the iPad, the screening data will automatically sync on it’s own.

All of your group profile and screening data in MyBioCheck® is automatically synced in real-time to your Secure Cloud when an Internet connection is detected.

Secure Cloud

Over time, you may be presented with a growing large list of group profiles on your iPad(s).  MyBiocheck® allows you to check-in and check-out profiles from your own Secure Cloud.  You may only want those profiles that you are doing follow-up screenings with to be local on your iPad(s).  You can select which profiles to check-out (leaving a copy on your Secure Cloud), and after your screening event, simply check-in those same profiles until your next screening event.

TRALE’s Secure Cloud or your own?

MyBioCheck® utilizes TRALE’s secure cloud in order to synchronize and secure ePHI between one or multiple iPads.  For clients that will not allow hosting of ePHI by a secure 3rd party vendor (i.e. TRALE’s secure cloud), MyBioCheck® now has the ability to connect to personally owned servers, essentially a client hosted cloud.  TRALE can assist in the setup and installation of a client hosted cloud in lieu of using TRALE’s secure cloud.  This addresses existing concerns with Canadian (or any other non US company) that will not allow the storage of ePHI within a secure cloud that resides within the US.