MyBioCheck® is available for purchase through Apple’s new VPP/B2B App Store.  We designed MyBioCheck® to be used by other businesses thus requiring distribution through Apple’s VPP and B2B programs.  Please follow the steps below for enrollment into the VPP/B2B program.  Enrollment only takes a few minutes to complete.  If you have any questions regarding MyBioCheck® or the enrollment process before proceeding, please give us a call at 1-888-94TRALE or contact us here.

  • Go to Apple’s VPP for Business Enrollment page ( and make sure that you qualify for enrollment.  This is also where you start the enrollment process.
  • Please select Volume Purchase Program.
  • Once you have completed your enrollment process, please forward the Apple ID (just the ID, not the password) that you created during enrollment to
  • We can then add your VPP/B2B approved Apple ID to MyBioCheck®’s list of approved purchasers.
  • We will then reply back with confirmation that you have been added to the approved purchasers list.
  • Apple’s VPP/B2B App Store can be accessed at  After you have been added to the list of approved purchasers you will see MyBioCheck® listed for you to purchase when logged into the VPP/B2B App Store.