We’ve been using MyBioCheck for approximately 1½ years and are extremely pleased as are our business partners and their employees.  MyBioCheck is easy to use and it provides immediate feedback to the individual in a universal presentation -report card- which our customers enjoy.  It’s also important to note, we have not had any technical problems with the application.

Our business partners have stated that they appreciate the excitement the report card generates amongst their employees and the brevity of it.  We also hear positive comments regarding the wealth of information found in the simple, visual aggregate report.

Individual employees also share their satisfaction with the tool.  It’s common to hear grade comparison amongst employees.  MyBioCheck generates conversation, interest and competition and people love it!

Kim Jorgensen, Coordinator Wellness and EAP Services at Mercy Business Health Services.


I love MyBioCheck! It is easy to use and has given me the tools that I needed to help communicate additional meaning behind the numbers that I have been giving employees for years, but they were just numbers. The response has been wonderful, people want a better understanding of what their test results mean and MyBioCheck gives them that

Mary E. Whitt, Employee Benefit Specialist at Cobalt Benefits, Inc.


Making sure your employees are healthy can really save a business some cash. And that’s the idea behind a new program being offered to local company’s through Mercy Medical Center’s Business Health.It’s a high tech way to get a handle on your health. “It’s a visual to help people motivate,” said Kim Jorgensen. Kim Jorgensen is talking about MyBioCheck. It’s an iPad program that helps medical professionals tally up your health risk.

MyBioCheck iPad app helps determine health risks quickly – KTIV News 4 Sioux City IA- News, Weather and Sports

KTIV HealthWatch in SIOUX CITY, Iowa


MyBioCheck has made our health screening process efficient, and our staff was able to learn the app very quickly. The grade point scoring system is very well received by our participants. We found the “health tweakers” feature on the report to be helpful in engaging our participants during their health coaching sessions, they really liked seeing how their scores changed with Health Tweakers.

Vanessa Serkowski, Client Services Coordinator at Sensia Healthcare


Healthworks recently purchased the MyBioCheck® system in the form of 3 iPads with apps for use in our hospital wellness program and our community health promotion programs. We recently screened 1250 of our employees/spouses and they think we are soooo smart. They loved the speed of delivery of their results in the form of the report card. We like the ease of inputting the info.  All is well with our new MyBioCheck system. Thank you TRALE for helping us so much and for being so patient with our questions. You said it would be EASY!!

Brenda Engle, Director of Healthworks at White County Medical Center, Searcy, AR